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"After huge success of acupuncture in West Delhi... Now Acupuncture by Dr. Niharika also available at Tirath Ram Shah Hospital near Tis Hazari Metro Station in North Delhi on Tuesday , Friday and Saturday between 11:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m"


We welcome you to Dr. Niharka Acupuncture Clinic for happy, healthy and pain free lives…

We are India's leading service provider in field of Acupuncture and Moxibution. We have surpassed & treated the large number of patients who were suffering from the severe chronic disease which were considered incurable in other therapies. But, with our treatment the patients have receive effective results which are permanent. {click on the link for conditions treatable with acupuncture }

At our clinic located in Tilak Nagar , New Delhi , we believe it is possible for every human to live longer healthier, pain free and disease free life using this 5000 years older and proven treatment methodologies of acupuncture and moxibution.

Dr. Niharika Acupuncture Clinic was founded by Dr. Niharika Chugh at Tilak Nagar , New Delhi , She is an eminent acupuncturist and has treated thousands of patients from serious chronic disorders and offered them happy blissful lives ahead.

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Our Patient Speaks

Myself Mrs Mamta,I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from almost 4-5 yrs and with doctors advice I was taking steroid injections weekly and heavy dose of medicine daily... I was gaining weight only instead of relief... That time I came to know about acupuncture.... I started it from Dr. Niharika Chugh and I am blessed with health without medicine in almost 9-10 months.... Thank you acupuncture.... Thanks a lot Dr Niharika

I had PCOD .I started treatment .I had weight loss after 2 months of treatment. I had improvement in the irregularities. The treatment is effective if done regularly with precautions. Thanku :)

My experience in acupuncture was very good. I went to Dr. Niharika chugh clinic on Sep 2014 with the problem of childhood facial paralysis. Before i went to Dr. Niharika chugh clinic i was hopeless but day by day my lip movement and eye closure is getting achieved with facial sensations...i feel so relieved. Now my lips are in actual position and eye also close which was not present before and all side sensations have started too. So, I prefer to go to Dr. Niharika chugh. Thanks a lot Dr. Niharika. You are great. Regards,Swati chopra

ACUPUNCTURE(another name of miracle) n Dr. NIHARIKA (a magician). Together both of them has given a new direction to my life as I got relief from my extreme n unbearable pain of SLIP DISK n SCIATICA.Before a tk this treatment I dependent on painkiller to carry on daily routines n as the bad part is that ,the dose I used to tk has been increased after sm months n sm times i got the attacks of such a bad pain that i hv to be on bed for 15 - 20 days but after I tk this treatment for three months I got rid of painkiller n now with the efforts of Dr. Niharika n by the grace of god I m perfectly fine. Thanks a lot.MEENAKSHI SADANA

I am very relaxed and having very positive feelings all the times.Before my treatment I was very lazy and having pains in my body.Now my eating habits have improved and Blood Pressure also controlled.Thanks for changing my entire life with your treatment.RAKHI NANDA


Hi, I had been suffering serious chronic constipation, naval displacement and gastric problem for quite a long time.I used to feel heaviness and bloating after every meal.I use to avoid eating rajma, channe and naan.Then I opted to go with acupuncture.After 2 sittings I started feeling light.Really a blessing for patients who have been under medication for long time.After one course I became perfectly alright.Now I relish almost everything.I don't have to think before eating.One thing I want to add is my skin has also improved.I can see glow on my face.My regards and thanks to Niharika mam for contributing so much to the society.Thanks,MONICA 



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Evening : 6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m

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